Resistance! Resistance ! – Part 4 of 6

When a people disowns itself, no magical formula can save it. Everyday they demand of Athens: “What is Phillip doing?” Demosthenes, he writes to them, “What will we do?” (After Clemenceau, Demosthenes)

Such as veins of gold in a rock, so the nationalist minority is dispersed in a multitude of different organizations. We find it in the National-Socialists, among the members of the “Bünde,” and, more rarely, even in the political parties. But we equally find it in the “Rotfrontkämpfer,” these workers taking to battle, who are separated from their social-democratic comrades, despising their pacifist laxness.

Is there a political conviction that can truly reunite all these different tendencies?

It is the spirit of resistance that can reassemble “the new front.”

The essence and the objectives of the spirit of resistance can thus be defined:

The nationalist minority publicly claims to be the vector of the will of self-preservation, of liberty, and of the historical will of the German people. It feels linked to the traditions of the past and is called to assume responsibility for the destiny of the generations to come.

This claim is justified by the politics of national suicide that the political parties practice.

The German people’s instinct of life manifests in the minority and calls it to put an end to this self-destructive folly.

The minority opposes the influences of the Western spirit on Germany. It must struggle against the forms and annihilate the institutions that permit them to install themselves in Germany.

As the embodiment of the German future, it denounces the Diktat of Versailles as an act of blackmail that, as such, is without conscience.

It states that the Dawes Plan is the instrument of economic encroachment and financial exploitation of Germany that is only tolerated today because there are no means to denounce it.

It recognizes that it considers the Locarno Accords not as an act of German politics, but as a crime against the people. These accords that imply the renunciation of Alsace and the ratification of the Diktat of Versailles, do not bind future generations.

It declares that the admission to the League of Nations does not engage the people. It cannot prevent scheming politicians from returning to Geneva, given the situation in Germany. In parallel, it underlines that the negotiations and the resolutions of the League of Nations have no executive force in Germany.

In regards to sports, gymnastics, bodily exercise, and learning discipline, the minority communicates to the youth the spirit of combativeness and valiance.

It does its best to light the flame of a liberation movement, of “German irredentism” in all the countries where German communities are repressed.

The minority is ready to give everything for independence, to sacrifice the social, political, and economic order that reigns today and place above all the values that Germany has been deprived of.

It is patient and tenacious in order to prevent paralysis and loss of energy during the long years of waiting, seeing to be ready at any moment.

The nationalist minority does not feel solidarity with this Europe whose existence implies the subjugation of Germany. It has decided to conclude alliances with all the forces that want the fall of Europe. The uncertain hope of constructing a centralized and German Europe on the ruins of Western Europe is more dear than the certain dependency implied by the maintenance of today’s Europe. If the revolt of Germany against the yoke of Versailles causes the ruin of Europe, the minority will not fear this ruin. All the evils of the world can come before the German people resign themselves to their chains.


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