Europe in Prayer – 1930 – Part 1 of 5

They say the Bible when they want to pull the wool over your eyes.

In brief, Europe supports its Christianity. We discover with astonishment what “piety” – oh how much – this old cynical Europe yet conceals. An atmosphere of crusade settles. The Holy Father pronounces anathemas, the Archbishop of Canterbury ordains prayers for his flock, and the authorities of the Protestant Churches convoke their faithful in the Houses of God. It seems that the graves and the vaults of the Middle Ages, long since disappeared, decomposed, have been opened. In the paved streets of our big cities and in the Judeo-liberal press, the waves of a strange religious excitation surge.

What has been able to stir up with such a vigor the sacred flame of old Europe? Is it the horror of the French thirst for power, the lust for money of America, the hate of Poland, is it Christian pity towards the German people, tortured and bullied a thousand times, the inspires the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Protestant Church to such a holy rage and ardent zeal? Certainly, what Europe did to Germany, what America did to it, is revolting, no one can deny it. Nevertheless, what fervent defense of religion addresses itself against France and America, against Poland and Czechoslovakia, and fights for a murdered people? Not a word in their favor, but then the most vociferous and the most screaming – against Russia!


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