Europe in Prayer – Part 3 of 5

The Soviet Revolution of 1917 upset the calculations of the imperialist powers of the West. By isolating itself, Russia escaped exploitation by the West. It could not be belittled to the rank of an agrarian colony, producer of cereals, docilely absorbed into the industrial production of the West. It did not deliver its natural wealth – in particularly its petroleum – to Europe. From the start, the Western powers would not renounce their Russian plunder. They sent expeditionary corps to annihilate the Bolshevik army and submit the Russian people to their domination. The White generals were mercenaries, on sale to Europe, who combated Russia.

The defeat of the White generals showed that the new Russian state was too strong to be overthrown by an attack. They needed to encircle it, to prepare a campaign of annihilation with circumspection. The Western powers took their positions; in a general fashion, the command rested in the hands of the English.

In this enterprise, Germany had a great importance. It had seen its geographic position, it could serve as a base of concentration of troops and furthermore, its men could be engaged as mercenaries. After the debacle, Germany would have felt close to Russia by reason of their common destiny. To the Western powers, it could have argued this community, in an open or dissimulating fashion, according to the circumstances. It would have been ostracized, detested but never enslaved as that which followed. If, in the eyes of the West, it would have been a “seat of infection,” it would have feared to come too close to it. Germany did not measure up to its destiny. It ranks, as such a strong honest servant, in the lines of its blackmailers. It was only at Rapallo that it dared a departure. We remember the scandal that it provoked in England and in France. Since then, it never more dared to leave the European front. Consequently, it was an integral part of Europe, equally concerning constitutional, economic, and cultural politics. It became a province of the West. Also, it integrated itself more and more into the front that faced Russia. At Locarno, it subscribed to articles 16 and 17 of the statues of the League of Nations against Russia, “immediately interrupting all commercial and financial relations with the country,” forbidding German citizens from having relations with the citizens of Russia,“ cutting all financial, commercial, and personal relations” between Germans and Russians. Germany must listen to the advice of the League of Nations that recommended “by what means of defense – land armies, air, or naval – each member country must contribute to the armed force destined to respect the obligations towards the League of Nations.” Germany must also accept “the necessary measures” to “facilitate the passage across its territory by armed forces of each member country participating in a common intervention to ensure respect for the obligations towards the League of Nations.” Under the New Plan, it sacrificed the rest of its liberty of movement in matters of foreign policy that Locarno had left it. The global bank of reparations is the institution to organize the financial, commercial, and economic war against Russia. The campaign of the German press against Russia, launched for some time, shows with what docility Germany accepts being used against Russia. This press campaign provoked a collective psychosis in regards to Bolshevism, of the same type of horror propaganda that was once aimed at Germany. By all means, we try to hide that the stimulation of Communist activity in the European countries is only a form of defense by Russia against the ruthless encirclement by which Europe wants to crush and subjugate it.

The second Hague Conference developed preparations for the concentration of European troops against Russia. When the occasion presents itself, the attack will be launched.


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