Europe in Prayer – Part 4 of 5

The capitalists of high finance and oil know very well that the people fight without enthusiasm when they suspect that the challenge of the war is solely material, that they only act for coal mines and oil fields. If they can assemble under its flag an army energetic and willing to sacrifice, they must invoke the protection of moral values. A crusade attracts more than a raid. In general, it is only the riffraff who make such incursions. It is necessary – to recall this known phrase – to say Bible when we mean cotton, minerals, coal, and petroleum.

Who other than the Holy Father could pronounce the word of the Bible with such firmness and force of conviction? He makes it heard and all the imperialist Europeans smell conquest. In the holy habit of the Pope, the instincts for untrammeled rapacity are not lacking a hiding place. He raises his hands for benediction and the looters, at the same moment, invoke celestial grace for their actions. The prayers loaded with threat are barely finished when they convert them on the stock exchange into hard cash. The masters of trusts and European consortia thus hope to be able to fish usufruct of the natural riches of Russia from the waves of Christian rage. The murmur of prayers must cover the trenchant voice of the Diktat which the European currents would like to use to make the Russian people bend.

Although the European imperialists use the cassock of the Vicar of Christ to hide the exercise of their obscure activity, we do not mean that the Pope is a docile or forced instrument of their egotistical projects. The Pope is more; he is the incarnation of the veritable spiritual principle of Europe. Europe, in the sense of a moral and political individuality, espoused the form of Latinity. The European space corresponds to the Latin sphere of influence. No one recognized it better than Dostoevsky. He understood that the Latin spirit and the Slavic soul were irreconcilable. He felt that between the two should reign an implacable hostility, coming from the depths of their particular essences. No bridge could cross the gulf between Latinity and the Slavic soul. No synthesis is possible, there are only defectors. It was as such that they treated the Westernized Russian bourgeois; they were punished consequently. Thus, if Europe goes on the march against Russia, the Pope, the incarnation of Latinity, will have his place at the head of the European “army.” He can think that the Catholic Church will triumph over the Slavic peoples. If Russia collapses in the economic and political plan, the Orthodox Church will no longer be able to maintain itself and its particular essence of Russian religiosity will be extinguished. Basically, the Pope effectively envisions a crusade. After so many centuries, the Russian people will finally be converted to the Latin faith and spirit. From this point of view, the institution of the diocese of Berlin takes an undetermined importance. This diocese becomes an opening through which the Latin crusaders could embark on their mission of conversion. But the way, which lead from Berlin to the heart of Slavicism, passes through Poland. Consequentially, the Curia and – under its instructions – also the Catholic Center Party preoccupy themselves more with this country than the history of the German people.

Faced with this concentration of Latin Ultramontane troops, it is somewhat important to know if Russia effectively envisions a de-Christianization or if it only acts as a manifestation of the tendencies aspiring a de-Europeanization of of the traditional Orthodox faith. It is comprehensible that Russia responds to an apparently religious attack with a defense of the same order. The tension between Europe and Russia, which is not a good omen, is reinforced by the religious opposition. The forms of the war of religion, which seem completely exceeded, are surrendered to the tastes of the day. A war of religion with a global extent is promised.

We confusedly sense that the conflict that we find ourselves preparing for has its ultimate motivations in the depths of the human existence. All the economic, social, and political antagonisms are only symptoms. The essence of Asia faces the essence of Europe to start the decisive battle. Bolshevism was the martial organization that Asia was given where it faces Europe. By its morbid horror of Bolshevism, Europe betrays its fear of the unfathomable, mysterious, incalculable, enigmatic, and mortifying force of Asia.


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