Europe in Prayer – Part 5 of 5

The essentials of the wars of liberation of 1813-1814 were not limited to the struggle between Berlin and Paris. The veritable adversary of Napoleon was Tsar Alexander. The war with Prussia was only a part of the global contest that played out between Moscow and Paris. Baron vom Stein, numerous German officers, Arndt and other patriots began the annihilation of Napoleon retreating from Russian territory. Prussia could only reconquer its liberty and its independence by searching for support and cover from the much bigger and stronger Russia. Since Russia was elevated to the rank of a grand power, a mysterious link has been woven between the destinies of the Russian and the German people. At the foundation of the Reich by Bismarck, the Russo-occidental antagonism played a very important role. But by reason of this antagonism, Bismarck equally benefited from the benevolent neutrality of Russia in regards to the intentions of Prussia. When, in 1917, Russia couldn’t be convinced to perform a reversal resembling that of 1762, the German debacle was set. As soon as Russia ceased to be a counterweight to Western Europe, Germany, the country of the center, was lost.

But never before had this central position, in the geographic and cultural sense, put the German people before a most difficult decision, a decision heaviest with consequences, as that which they must make at the present, by considering the rules of general accounts between Europe and Asia. Europe attracts for a multitude of reasons. The German protests against Europe should not immediately cease since the bases of European existence are threatened? Should not Germany merge into Europe, if it is the sole means of defending Europe against Asia? Those who consider Europe as a political value above Germany must subscribe to it. They put it as their point of honor to overcome the stage of the German statesman and “elevate” them to European statesmen. But those who are so deeply German that they would not abandon their country, even if that unswerving national fortitude should cause the ruin of Europe and all of its values, would not hesitate for a moment, when they will be brought to choose between Europe and Germany. Seeing the misery of Germany, they will be unmoved by the suffering of Europe or by sentiments of European solidarity.

We’ve know it since 1918: at the moment where Germany breaks with Asia and feels linked to the European community, it loses its autonomy, falling under the dependence of France, and becomes an economic province of the Western powers. The Europeanization of Germany signifies its extinction. Since Locarno, Germany has consciously taken the road leading to its extinction by Europeanization. At present, it prepares to go until the end and sever its way of return. That is the signification of the Young Plan, of the treaty with Poland, and of the preaching of the Crusade against Russia. This sermon agitates the abyss of somber sentiments and uncontrolled passions. Thus, the German government finally arrives to integrate even the partisans of resistance and the national opposition into its front. If the Protestant Church listens to the imprecations that the Pope proffers against Russia, they will quickly become its vassal. By accommodating the watchword of the Pope and by transmitting it, they show that they no longer have a watchword of their own. Its self-determination is only fictional, as even the self-determination of Germany is fictional. In the course of the crusade, German Protestantism will become invariably Catholic. Since the appeal to crusade was in itself an act of capitulation before European Latinity. The religion of Pan-Europa is Catholicism. Not realizing it, it would be truly necessary to be a Superintendent General, well anchored in Weimar republican reality.

In a similar fashion, all the nationalist movement, allowed to lead by the forces of the Weimar and Versailles regime to “save European culture,” will naturally become the slave of the European politics of Weimar. The directors, of Weimar, will slyly know to utilize the blade that the Stahlhelm offers which such jolly European zeal to Archbishop Faulhaber. It is certain that these “good Europeans” will save the Weimar Republic a second time, as they had done before. Soon the directors will have discovered the secret of the nationalist indocility of the Stahlhelm: it is only the growl of protest, in noway menacing, of a heart of gold who would like to hide its fidelity to constitution under the rude appearances of a rebel.

Those, in today’s circumstances, who have some will to go on crusade against the Russian mania, maybe without taking things into account, are the arms that protect the order established by Versailles whose principal objective is to keep Germany in impotence. This is the situation of Germany that its destiny dictated: it can only reconquer its independence by standing against Europe, it can only recover its liberty by favoring the Russo-Asiatic advance towards Europe. It is Europe that strangles Germany. Being so close to death by strangulation, Germany cannot demand the exclusive aid of the circle restrained by “civilized” humanity. In its extreme distress, it is obligated to accept any rescuer, even if it seems repellent by its Asiatic and barbarous side. In this moment, Germany only has one thing: the encirclement of iron, the stranglehold of Europe, it is already near smothered, it must be released immediately. Those who strike against Europe today give new possibilities of life to Germany. The German people – the 80 million people on its part – have enough weight to protect their deep essence against the Asiatic spirit. So Russia can defend it against Europe, it must permit Germany to live, in its own fashion, an anti-European life. If, in any event, Germany wants to be Anti-European, it is already a great relief for Russia. Because it is true, it is only in the measure where Germany begins to de-Europeanize itself that it will liberate itself. As it was once written by Baron vom Stein: “Germany cannot be maintained by the way of dilapidated and rotten systems.” Europe prays when it feels oppressed! The German voice in the choir of European prayers is a blasphemy, an outrage. The German who prays with Europe against Russia, implores heaven that his servitude will never end.


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