Technology the Devourer of Men – Part 2 of 5

When there are no more enigmas to resolve, to explain, respect also disappears. The veneration of the saints freezes, becoming a simple convention. Although, by habit, we still do the sign of the cross, we know that to believe in the sacred is to lie to oneself. The sentiment of rank and of distance dies out. We become a democrat who is put on equal footing with everyone else. We familiarize ourselves with forces that can blow away the universe. We touch them daily. Children play with the stars. We are familiar with everything and we know everything. Nothing can astonish or inspire respect any more. All is exposed to the flood light of the most perfect projectors.

No longer feeling respect, to be without discomfort signifies that we no longer know limits. But those who do not know limits, ignore responsibility. He runs the world and abandons his destiny, the sphere of his origins, the places of his childhood, whatever may come: he leaves behind him. He goes as far as permitted and, with each step, he profanes and destroys. By moving the frontiers, he hurts what organically develops. Because all that is organic is limited. Limits are the receptacle of life. By demolishing them, we waste living substance. Technology violates nature. It does not account for it. Technical progress snatches nature, which follows its own laws, one piece of land after another. What for technology is a triumph is for nature ravage and violation. Technology, by raising bit by bit the limits fixed by nature, destroys life. The machine, which is only a function, supplants the organism, which has an inherent sense. The function of a machines consists of providing a calculable return. The sense of an organism is to exist and to realize this existence. Technology always abuses the respect for life. It devours men and all that is human. We fuel it with bodies, blood, and cooling liquid. Consequently, in the technical era, war takes the form of a murderous butchery. The individual, conquered by the spirit of technology, unleashed and hungry for records, sees in the possession of weapons of annihilation the most perfect things. Thus he easily throws toxic gas bombs and has no scruples about asphyxiating millions of women and children in the hinterland. The conception of modern war reveals in the most formidable and terrifying fashion the mortifying genius of technology. At its apogee, its productive capacity is such that is can, at the given moment, rapidly and radically exterminate all living beings, wherever it finds them.


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