Technology the Devourer of Men – Part 3 of 5

Of course, this terrible self revelation occurs only at the end. The spirit of technology unveils its own nature with such violence only when it has already penetrated and subjugated all of existence. Before the power to extend the toxic coverings of its murderous fury over that which is living, it must have already crossed many steps of its progress and its propagation.

In the most intimate sphere, in the smallest cell, in each individual, the spirit of technology begins its work, secret and underground, of the destruction of living substance. The loss of this substance leads to proletarianization, whose final product is the specialized worker. In a few hours, he learns the rudimentary maintenance of machines and can, consequently, be employed and take his reports, without any preparation, in all branches of production. The proletarian does not have a well defined sphere of work, no particular expertise, that distinguishes him and gives him a sense of life. He is nothing in himself and by himself. He is anything, mobile or interchangeable. He is a function of the machine, a little quantity of energy besides the vast processes of production. Between him and the produced goods, there is only a bond between cause and effect. Psychological relations, whose depth and abundance makes the wealth of the human soul, are not created between him and things. He sells his potential to work. This lack of psychological bonds equates to a lack of responsibility. He also feels so little sense of responsibility for his work that the boss feels responsible for the fate of his workers.

Artisanal production was the first to fall under the empire of technology. The decline of the artisan was its inevitable consequence. The artisan became the worker. The artisanal crafts struggled desperately but in vain against this decline.

Today, we take the gear of the processes of the mechanization of agriculture. The drama lived by the artisan is repeated on the peasant. It the true that the invention of the combine harvester, which prepared to equally mow down the independence of the European peasant, already happened in 1833. But until the present, it has not been employed against the cultivator. The draft animals no longer have a place. In the meantime, tractor unit was necessary, the “tractor” was constructed. Ever since, the total transformation of agriculture commenced. In North America, in South America, in Australia, we already utilize the combine harvester. The cost of production of wheat has fallen by more than half. The farmer supplanted the peasant as the worker did the artisan. The farmer is a proletarian peasant. The structures of agriculture change. The peasant loses footing. The bases of his free existence are shaken. The soil is stolen from under him. Technology chases him from the earth. The natural land becomes a romantic dream as the little workshop of the artisan once did. The International Property Credit, founded on March 3rd in Basel, will sooner or later make its ravages, like an avenging angel, among the peasants. It will only be the leader of the spirit of technology in the domain of German agriculture. The independent peasant is going to disappear.

With the dis-aggregation of labors, all the traditional forms of life change. In the measure where man ceases to be something for himself, he becomes a public being, he will be at home everywhere and nowhere. At the end, theses transformations will equally touch the foundations of the state. It loses its organic character that follows its proper laws. It becomes an integral part of a greater economic space, whose branches of production are rationalized according to the norms of the last conquests of technology.

Man is part of the conquest of nature. He does not make an account where he tramples on the feet of nature itself and thus he destroys that part of nature. In the cold climate of technology, the last biological reserves freeze. The natural energies of reproduction and growth become exhausted. Thus, it is nature that avenges itself: it punishes this violation, that technology committed against it, by suicide. Technology celebrates its victories among heaps of corpses – until one day with it will choke under their weight.


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