Technology the Devourer of Men – Part 4 of 5

Doctrines and theories, programs and dogmas, which serve innovative historical movements in order to make them known in the world are neither important or decisive in themselves. Even if we know their content, that does not mean we comprehend the essence, the sense, and veritable historical mission of the movement. Only those who, after the letter of theories, see the hidden motive forces pushing essential transformations, feel this behind a radical change in the world.

Marxism is more than a this red flag, in the proper and figurative sense, which then permits it to carry the masses, uneducated and undemanding, and put them in states of blind excitation. Marxism is the premonition of things that will happen. Certainly, it is not in this sense that it can show what will be under the sober lights of its future reality. It is, in someway, the idealization of the future. Marx was a prophet, but he transformed a cruel destiny and an overwhelming necessity into a religion of salvation. Very certainly, the spirit of technology lives in it. He was its pioneer and announced the mechanization of life. He accelerated these processes by giving hope to those who would become its victims. He gave them the faith in that which would become a curse on the world. Thus, they waited with impatience for this paradise that would become their hell. However, this self destructive folly was provoked with the aid of the thought of the German philosopher, Hegel. The dialectical dynamic was the magic formula of the great spirit. Under its supernatural light, it accomplishes the transubstantiation of the thankless way of technical progress along the road of grace towards salvation. It must push to the extreme mechanization, rationalization, monopolism, and proletarianization. That is the sole means of arriving at the “expropriation of the expropriators.” Within the capitalist society, approaching its apogee, the fruit of a beautiful socialism ripens. The persuasive force of the dialectical dynamic was due to the fact that the idea seems to be more than an amusing thought game and they must recognize it as the faithful image of a future reality. The walls and the gables of the slaughterhouse shine in the distance, in the mists colored with blood, such an aurora. Their silhouette resembles a fairy tale castle. Irresistibly, they wait for their victims – who hasten to arrive at the castle.

Anti-Marxism, to them, is not a force that slows, that bears a solution. It only means the habitual protest of those who profit from the mechanization of the world, but who fear for their privileges when someone begins to say aloud what happened. To say properly, anti-Marxism is not the fear of consequences, but the fear that they will be clearly explained. Marxism creates illusions and provokes enthusiasm in place of warnings. Anti-Marxism, in contrast, is hypocritical. It throws accusations and then openly profits from the situation and secretly favors it. By the force of things, humanity lets itself be carried by this current. Already the wind carries the spray of distant whirlpools. The shade of dangerous reefs draws itself on the horizon. Marxism greets them as isles of happiness, while anti-Marxism watches the anchorages to find shelter; it would like to reserve it elusively. Consequently, he does everything for those men, carried by the current, seeing upstream. Marxism attracts the view in the direction of the onward march, puts him in a fury. Marxist doctrine is naive. It glorifies the progress that will destroy its followers. Anti-Marxism is a Tartuffery: it praises the good old times so that no one remarks it uses modern times exclusively for itself.


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