The Corpses in the House – Part 2 of 6

We cannot believe our eyes: the capitalist system has made its “proofs” – and everywhere? Twenty million unemployed with their families perishing body and soul. Just in Germany, there are four and half million. At the same time, we use corn as fuel for the machines. Rye is rendered unfit for consumption, we throw coffee in the sea, and mutton is transformed into soap. We burn sugarcane plantations and the people do not have enough to eat, even when the barns are full. We close the mines and the unsaleable coal piles up on the ground. The reserves of potassium nitrate remain unexploited. We destroy stocks of cotton. The middle classes become proletarian and the peasants lose their land. There are a plethora of the workforce searching for work. Prime material, foodstuffs, and machinery are not lacking. But despite all this, where the capitalist system exercises its influence, misery and despair reign. That is the system with its gold standard, its right principles, its irresponsibility, and its privatizing tendencies, which brings the people to ruin, they are condemned by reason of the inherent law of this same system. Millions of people are deprived of the vital minimum in order for a thin layer of international raptors to be able to swim in abundance. The natural resources and foodstuffs remain inaccessible to those who need them, if the sale is not “profitable.” It is the law of profit that rules over the economy, and not the considerations of human needs. Men can die, if there is not a means of assuring profitability and gain.

There is no doubt that the capitalist system is the first cause of this horrible state of urgency which, like a plague, ravages the world today. Its apostles howl that the system makes its “proofs” – they howl without being moved and without making sacrifice in honor of their own murderer god. The people’s patience and the capacity to endure suffering is, in effect, immense.


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