The Corpses in the House – Part 3 of 6

In the first place, it is the German people’s capacity to suffer that surprises. The tempest of inflation has made its ravages in Germany, but the people continue to respect “the sacred character of private property.” As ever, weakened and subjugated countries are plundered by their conquerors. But before, this pillage bore openly on its front the stigmata of its violence. The evidence of the brutality of their masters caused the despair of the subservient people, exacerbated their anger and their hate. Then, the moment will come, the mistreated country will burst and exercise its just vengeance. The capitalist system searches to hide its brutality and greed for wealth. It camouflages its enterprise of pillage by explaining them as the measures destined to put moral principles in action. The tributes are transformed into streams of commercial debts. The reputation, the consideration, and the honor of the exploited individual rest on their willingness to let them strip them, obligatorily, without any opposition. Russia dared not to brave this: it broke with the capitalist system, it rid itself in this fashion of its exterior debt and escaped from the blackmail of international capitalism.

In the conditions of today, the capitalist system has the function of driving incomes down by using the labor of Germans. “All the burden of international debts rest on Germany,” Secretary of State D. Bergmann recently declared. The question of tribute has been amalgamated into international indebtedness, this burden has been put on the back of Germany. The capitalist system has become sophisticated machinery permitting – in a manner anonymous and invisible – the victors to fatten themselves with the blood of the German people. The tributes go the foreigners. Followed by the interest of the debt that they must contract to pay these tributes. Entire branches of German industry must be mortgaged in order to be sold after. In Germany, the Swede Kreuger rules over the distribution of matches. The French watch over the tobacco monopoly. The city of Berlin has sold off the Berlin Municipal Energy Company. Almost all the great industrial enterprises have been invaded by foreign capital. Agricultural lands fall into the hands of international financial speculators. The functioning of the capitalist system destroyed Germany. If, as Germans, we support the capitalist system and collaborate with its maintenance, we betray our country.

It is not by chance that the best of the German youth are anti-capitalist.


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