The Corpses in the House – Part 4 of 6

Capitalism can only develop in very precise conditions. Then, it is necessary that there are great blank spots on the world map: we should be able to discover new spaces. This gives optimistic momentum which, enthusiastic for progress, believes in unlimited possibilities. Only some select peoples have the privilege to enjoy the realizations of technical progress. This superiority must maintain the other “under-developled” peoples in a state of dependence and servitude, without the least hope for liberation. They must accept industrial products at exorbitant prices in exchange for raw materials and foodstuffs. The sense of international economic relations must be limited to the exploitation of colonized peoples by the industrial countries, in the fashion of those who can carve up the earth and seize it with a firm hand.

All these conditions no longer exist. There is no longer anything to discover. The world has already become too small. The colonized peoples have begun to seize machines and industrialize. They no longer consider their subjugation as an ineluctable state of dependence, willed by God. Revolt rumbles among them. Their advantage resides in the fact that they find themselves close to sources of raw materials and that, in the international concurrence, they have a cheaper and less demanding workforce. The industrial countries lose the buyers of their products and, at the same time, their suppliers of foodstuffs and raw materials.

The Capitalist system no longer works because, manifestly, it cannot transform the earth into a paradise and bring to men this happiness that it had once promised. We know that he who then speaks of “progress” is necessarily an imbecile or a swindler. Everyone understands that the rule of capitalism is based on the validity, universally recognized, of the principle of exploitation. With the exception of the Westerners of German nationality, there are no longer any victims which, willingly, accept this principle. All the others, under the lead of Russia, have openly declared war on it. The atmosphere has changed. The climate that rules today in the world is not favorable to the capitalist system. It no longer permits the formations of patches of fog, necessary for capitalism to hide its cynical nature and subject many layers of the population.


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