The Corpses in the House – Part 5 of 6

There exists an international society of salvage working for the maintenance of the capitalist system. This is the Rotary Club which – how could it be anything else ? – comes from American laboratories and which – how could it be anything else ? – has found in Germany “devoted” members. Important “businessmen” are part of it. The club is a type of Freemasonry for these modern plundering knights who flatter themselves to be “aristocrats” – the princes of the economy, because they know particularly well how to make money. Like the wolf in the fable, with dripping lips, they do not cease to declare their “loyalty to business.” The most eminent German member of the Rotary is the president of the Reichsbank, Luther – luckily, everyone finally knows what society he is part of. The “Herrenklub” and the Rotary are in unison. A part of the Prussian aristocracy has already been so corrupted as to consider as peers those who grab money and speculate on oil. The German Rotary Club has a secretary general, a man with “a ring on his finger and his conscience,” as the conservative American journals say. He is responsible for placing “devoted creatures” at the crossroads of the sphere of public influence – as once William I knew to choose appropriate men for strategic posts. Writers, close to the collaboration in this work, which consists of burnishing the reputation of the capitalist system, are encouraged by public appeals guaranteeing them large circulation. The marginalized are made to toil in a conspiracy of silence until they until they shut up or become pliant. In Germany, the principal “monitor” of this society of salvage is the Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, an organ that strives courageously to maintain its position. With ruthlessness, it attempts to elaborate a new ideology of the capitalist economy. There is always money, when it acts to procure Praetorian Guards: such imbeciles can make a career in this fashion. The principles are the most firm among the many leaders of collapsed parties when they have shown them the fortune they could make. Even those who began as a social revolutionary can become a little chief of “Pinkerton.” The Rotary has already played many tricks on us.


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