The Corpses in the House – Part 6 of 6

The anti-capitalist sentiment which dwells in our youth is healthy. It sees the corruption and the pressure of German decline that the capitalist system is in the process of provoking. In the Germany of today, there are only people greedy to make a career, without moral principles, corrupted or – better – encrusted in the past that can then be on the side of capitalism. When an apostle of capitalism appears, he would be better to stay on guard; he risks finding himself in bad company. Then, where we plead in favor of the system, a bad smell spreads. We no longer have the conviction, we only have the skill to advocate it. For a high wage or a large honor, we are ready for anything.

In today’s epoch, a German who wants liberty cannot be a capitalist by conviction. Also, in Germany, the capitalist “ideas” no longer have the “freshness of life” but resemble the excessive makeup of prostitutes – we feel that somehow that when we maintain people for only a moment, they will be available and obedient. Thus, a young man, a member of the Deutsche Volkspartei or an editor of certain journals is today in reality nothing other than a “young man.” He has no opinions to defend, only functions to fulfill.

To cling to the hope of being able to bring back his youth, by reasoning, by capitalist opinions, is a pedantic error. The youth are conscious of this shame which consists of wanting to sell German labor for French francs. It equally knows that it is impossible to shake the yoke of tribute without braking at the same time the entire capitalist system with its ordinances on propriety, its right of obligations, and its interests. It sees through the gross materialism of the capitalist defense and it is disgusted when it sees it adorn itself in an idealism that acts as the plumes of a peacock. It knows that this defense is not convincing with the force of its arguments but with the importance of its bribes. It is probably inevitable that some will leave to buy it. But this fact is far from speaking in favor of capitalism. All on the contrary, it reinforces distrust in this regard. The youth, in the measure where it remains pure, hears, behind the noise of cold hard cash, a clattering of teeth.

We can no longer save capitalism. Luckily, where Mendelssohn and Warburg have power, the German youth refuse to obey.


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