The Law of Potsdam – 1931 – Part 1 of 10

There are epochs where the foundations are laid for millennia. These are the turning points and the new beginnings in the history of the world. That which follows will inevitably submit to the law of the beginning, for it is the beginning that is already the “living mold that evolves with life.” All movement in opposition, which can still be born later, will be, after a brief uprising, attracted to the force field of the power in place and dominated by its spirit. It will submit. Once the antagonistic element, it will become conserved and aid it.

The established bases in these days of upheaval have a universal character. Very different peoples are founded on them and their history follows on the course inside the limits that they have fixed. They remain for all “the land to build,” even when they become a field of battle on which unfolds violent cultural, social, economic, political, and national fights. Their objective is not to smash and destroy these bases, but to conquer there a better place, the key position.

In the course of centuries, a multitude of sacred traditions have been put up there. A profound respect is devoted there. No one thinks anymore of putting these bases into question. They have even become those of existence. They are so sure and so solid that all attempts to demolish them would be folly.

Only the great men, the geniuses, could be the builders of such foundations. The long trail of generations evolves in their shadow. In the upheaval of their epoch, new facts arose from the depths. These men had a mission to root them in reality, to anchor them solidly there. It was a task heavy and difficult, a work that could not be accomplished without shedding much blood to cement it. It was necessary to have a firm hand and the courage when the earth writhed in convulsions and the cries of pain from the tortured creatures resounded to heaven. But when the work was achieved, it imprinted itself, for millennia, on the course of history.


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