The Law of Potsdam – Part 3 of 10

For more than a thousand years, the history of Germany evolved under the spiritual, religious, political, and biological bases laid by Charlemagne. It is an unhappy history, full of suffering. These bases only permit an eternal return to the principles of Charlemagne. Germany must be dominated by the left bank of the Rhine. The oppositional movements who do not aim for the true foundations of the order instituted by Charlemagne, are only enterprises to minimize the ensemble of forces contesting Germany and letting themselves get lost in smoke. Given that until the present no German insurrection has attempted to strike the roots, Germany has certainly won many battles, but lost all the wars.

Ultimately, the insurrections are only simple storms. When they erupt, they take take away much of the worries of the Western world. They do not create damage and they clean the atmosphere.

As long as Germany remains on the foundations of Charlemagne, its fate depends on the very strong political power, established in the Latinized soil. If the principles of Charlemagne are maintained for another millennium, the history of Germany will remain that of woes for another thousand years.


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