The Law of Potsdam – Part 4 of 10

The present can only become a turning point on the condition that it destroys the foundations of Charlemagne and restarts from new bases. It is necessary to create new facts, as profoundly rooted and heavy with consequence as those that, until now, determined history. It is necessary, with much courage, to introduce a new conception of power that no longer has any relation with the idea of the Germanic Holy Roman Empire. An autonomous culture should possess our spirits, a culture that is not saturated with influences from the Mediterranean sphere. The course of events should be directed by another biological substance: treating the Latin blood as Charlemagne treated that of he Saxons, burning his heritage on the German soil and drowning it in blood! The birth of a new world is something terrifying. It will not happen without pain and convulsions. A new beginning requires that which is finished by force with traditions. All that binds German to the Latin space was imposed on it, ineluctably, a humiliating fate. We must cut this links. At the beginning of this subjugation to France, there was respect for Aix-la-Chapelle. The spirit that raised the tomb of Aix-la-Chapelle is reincarnated forever in the despotic men of the French state. The German people are tributary creatures of the Western world. It is necessary to comprehend that those who waged the wars of Charlemagne against the Saxons have condemned us to this fate.


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