The Law of Potsdam – Part 10 of 10

The new world is already making its debut. The creative force of Potsdam, that has already begun to transform the East, has not yet acted on the German space. Until the present, Germany remained in debt to the grand revolutionary who, who in his course of the North East towards the South and West, liberated the German soil from Latin encroachment, that destroyed the mishmash of philosophy, clericalism, social structures, and the Western economic regime, and who imposed his line on relations between Germany and Russia.

How all changes, one day there will certainly be very strong tensions between Russia and Germany. On the interior of the political and cultural sphere of the East, there will be struggles for power as there were, until the present between Germany and France. The Vistula will become the Rhine of the East. Warsaw will be its Strasbourg, Poland will resemble Burgundy, drunk with blood, like the Alsace, cause of so many wars. But there will always be combat between rivals, on the interior of the same cultural sphere and that will be their issue: the cultural sphere will bear the mark of Potsdam as the West, which collapsed, bears the mark of Rome and Paris, the heir of Rome.

France is pushed by the “Decline of the West” and rise of the East. That is why it has already retreated behind behind a system of defense without break, behind its “great wall.”


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