The Law of Potsdam – Part 8 of 10

Germany transmitted its originality to Russia. By seeking a community of destiny with the latter, it conserves the hope of finding itself. The men of global politics and of the execution of treaties are so alienated that they cannot rediscover the road leading to Potsdam, leading to themselves, that passes through Moscow. By forgetting what we are, we are culpable. For more than 1000 years, the German people have committed this crime. He should take it upon himself to repair this fault that, for so long, he has committed towards himself.

If someone, for his own good, should seize all the forces of the torch of universal revolution, that would be German people. The violent tempests, that rise in the East, are necessary to clear the slate of the heritage of Charlemagne. It is not necessary to fear the years of chaotic transition. When we lay the new foundations for a millennium, the earth is disemboweled, stones jump, and the air is charged with power. Communism will always be this smoke that shows when the world is on fire. It is the birth of a new cultural universe, that will first have its place beside the culture of the West. But when this Western culture will pass away, indeed degenerates. It will take its rise. The two, Slavs and Germanics, are then so vigorous as to have the ability to grow.

In the Latino-Germanic space, the German substance was basically feminine, receptive, and submissive. While in the Germanic-Slavic space, there will be the masculine element, authoritarian, and creative. Potsdam will be the Rome and the Paris of the new world of the East, that will extend until the Pacific. Germany already trembles before Russian Bolshevism, convulsed by the spirit of Potsdam. Being so shamefully abandoned to the opulence and luxury of the Roman life, it fears the return to austerity, in the sense of duty and the discipline of itself. German nationalism is this rigor and this inflexibility towards itself.


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