The Law of Potsdam – Part 9 of 10

Protestantism was the form under which the German particularity, on the interior of the West and in the universe of Charlemagne, maintained itself. This was a permanent mutiny – without the least hope of leading. But in a certain sense, it was also the corner where the wicked German child was put to sulk. The German existence was indissolubly linked to the same foundations of the West. We did not feel provoked by the exaggerations, that showed the evidence of the foreign origin of the Western form of life. For this reason, the German revolt lacks the necessary energy to engage in a merciless struggle. Even in its rebellion, Protestantism remained loyal and took care to not cut the bridges. The West, on the other hand, does not share this loyalty. It resents the German impulse, that causes without ceasing disruptions and disturbances, as something absolutely hostile, that it must reprimand with an unreserved brutality and cruelty. That is why the Counter-Reformation was more violent and more bloody than the Reformation itself.

Protestantism is only a defense, it is only the resistance against oppression and depression. It is not a powerful movement, sure of its victory. It is more a moderate reaction making an appeal to the conscience of a pope who should be “better informed.” It is not this authoritative and categorical word, that would imprint a new vision on the world. It is only a response, an objection that prudishly traces limits, makes reserves and restrictions. It presupposes a recognized principle, predominant, and it only has sense in relation to this principle. It is nothing in itself and for itself. It only exists because, and in the measure where, there is another thing.

All protest is an avowal of inferiority. It is the defiance thrown by the conquered, that can then move, of the vanquished that holds a certain autonomy. Protestantism is the ineluctable fate of the German element, on him, on the interior of the Western world, on the stage of this world. Germany, which doesn’t want to capitulate, can only play the role of opposition, of the rebel or Protestant. However, this opposition will always be reduced to silence, the rebel downtrodden and the Protestant will be the victim of usury – that is the end of the tragedy.

Protestantism is always the safety valve that we open in Germany. Germany can only be liberated by a Protestantism that is outside the West. It finds its deliverance in that thing in the process of taking form, in this ensemble whose axis goes from Potsdam to Moscow. That is the work of the Russo-Germanic spirit. It fixes an absolute and German rule. This rule is not a protest but others could protest against it. When the spirit of Charlemagne dies on the German soil, the German Protestants will also die. Then the place will be free for new German legislators who present to the world, not their violent protests, but their tables of law.


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