The Political Space of German Resistance – 1931 – Part 1 of 8

Since 1918, in Germany, we have been going towards this point where the vital needs of the state find themselves in complete incompatibility with those of bourgeois society, this point where it is necessary at any price to decide for the state or bourgeois society. Since then, one can only be bourgeois or German. To be a German bourgeois is to be an insoluble contradiction. To apply a bourgeois and German politics is not objectively possible. Necessarily, it will always result in a treason respecting Germany on the part of the bourgeois. For the reasons of self preservation, the German bourgeois must become “pan-European”; to be capable of continuing to exist, it must integrate Germany into Pan-Europa. Bourgeois society, Western culture, the situation created by Versailles are, since 1918, different aspects of the same reality. But the true sense of this reality is the subjugation of Germany and the extortion of tribute imposed on the German people. A German politics, wanting to satisfy the vital needs of the country, can only be anti-bourgeoisie, anti-capitalist, and anti-Western. If it is not, inevitably it will always fall into the plans of France.


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