Germany in the State of War – 1932 – Part 1 of 7

German politics committed an unpardonable error by following, since 1919, a line corresponding to a state of peace. We now believe we have the easiest task and try, many times, to organize ourselves in view of peace. Considering all the consequences, we must consider Versailles as the continuation of the war by other means. We veil the face behind the fact that the will to annihilate Germany ruthlessly pursues its work and has only changed its weapon. We see everything rosily and we cannot recognize that for Germany, it is always – as between 1914 and 1918 – the same question: to be or not to be. The country was demobilized under the military, constitutional, and economic plan- and even morally. We were weary of fighting and we shirked all decisions. We want to reconcile and listen to the world. German politics comports itself like an army that insists on its day of rest, facing the enemy, ready for battle, and that, even more, expressly neglects every measure of security.

German politics disregarded the real situation in Germany, that has endured since 1918. Thus, it was incapable of mastering the course of things. It does not even understand the inherent law of things. Its scales were not the fruits of luck. They only prove that German politics does correspond at any moment to the situation of the country.


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