Germany in the State of War – Part 2 of 7

Every ideology is the receptacle of reflections and tendencies pressing from a given attitude. The ideology, by which man is attracted, always denotes the attitude that is proper to him. Today there are profoundly anti-militarist attitudes. They always betray an ideology that accompanies them.

The bellicose attitude understands the tension of the warlike disposition. We never feel secure and we continually hold in memory that there is an enemy against which we must be on guard. The vital good that we want to defend is independence. We make it a point of honor to impose its law to act against the enemy: the inverse would be the greatest shame. The conditions bound to the bellicose nature are those of a military camp. Individual existence happens on this thin ridge that separates life and death. When each day we risk our life, it is easy to throw away everything else. When, at every moment, we put our life on the line, the rest no longer matters. If we no longer cling to life, we no longer hold onto other objects.

The warrior fixes his view on the “exterior”; across the trenches and frontiers, he sees the enemy. The “interior affairs” are organized in a fashion to increase combativeness and maximize the striking force. This order, unconditionally oriented towards the exterior struggle, has a statist character. Militarism only thinks in terms of the state. The state is the military form of life and its ideology. “The national industry” of Prussia was war, as it was so well said, although in a manner so wicked, by the Western democracies. The Prussian only exists as that incarnation of the warrior attitude, or then he will cease to exist. For this reason precisely, he had an absolute state and for this same reason, his true religion was the reason of the state. A social community constitutes itself in a state, when its existence takes on a historical significance. A people obtains its entrance into history uniquely by the battles it fights. It can only maintain itself in the space of history by affirming itself on the fields of battle. The will of the state is the political manifestation of the warrior attitude. To the aggravation of the state of war corresponds the concentration and the increase of the power and authority of the state, to attain its absolute.


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