Germany in the State of War – Part 3 of 7

What a secure people, in the condition of safe living, can permit is far from being permitted to the German people. In Germany, many things are harmful, incredible challenges are thrown by destiny that, in other countries, are natural manifestations of a less threatened existence. Certain Western people are integrated into liberalism and individualism – by the sign and significance – of their mentality. The political space, which is theirs, permits them to go to this point, without having fear of being put in danger. With them, they are not obligated to fight without ceasing. They can breathe, put down their arms, they can enjoy life. They can even habituate themselves to consider life as the most precious of goods and they no longer think that it is a stake that is at risk of being lost each moment. It is so easy to affirm that they can do it even when, without care, they abandon ourselves to liberalism and individualism. Certainly, they also have a very sure instinct to recognize the limit that they cannot exceed. Liberal and individualist – they have all the liberty to be able to decide at what moment it is no longer – provisionally – more opportune than being.

On the other hand, for the German people, liberalism and individualism are loopholes for throwing off the absolute requirements resulting from the situation with no exit, in which we find Germany. The right of the city that liberalism and individualism enjoys among other peoples is enjoyed against the uncomfortable requirement that the conditions of life in Germany do not fail to recall, at every instant, for the German people. The other nations occupy positions out of reach of the enemy. When they are allowed armaments, they are far from capitulating. The German people, in contrast, live year after year, in a besieged fortress. When it rests its arms, it immediately risks being assailed and summoned to surrender. The German who lays down his arms is lucky if, at the end, he is not forced to do so. When the Western peoples take up their arms, they do it because circumstances lend themselves to it. They know how to gain from a favorable moment. For the Germans, the hour and the conditions are never favorable. When, negligibly, they are civil, in general, they hide an obstinate and suicidal demonstration, a revolt full of disgust. They then seek heaven and give free reign to the blind and violent obstinacy, come what may. They are bent in pacifism without considering the consequences. We no longer hold the eye of the enemy that watches behind the wall. We refuse, very simply to see it. We do not have the eyes for it, as if we are alone in the world. German liberalism and individualism signifies that we have resolutely turned our back on foreign policy and we only want to hear about domestic politics. This liberalism and this individualism are part of the German farce that we play on the state. They furnish “good reasons” that we can invoke against the state, we have turned a deaf ear in that regard. To the West, liberalism and individualism are liberties that they can take without prejudice against the state. By taking these liberties, they make sure they don’t go too far. On the other hand, German liberalism and individualism are refusals to obey. It’s enough to continue to support constraints against the state. Consequently, liberalism and individualism become elements of political corruption, while elsewhere, they are a profitable relaxation for the health of the state.


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