Germany in the State of War – Part 6 of 7

Individualist liberalism, democracy, humanism, and pacifism are elements of a politico-spiritual sphere under the influence of the Mediterranean climate, this climate in what all that is German loses its vigor and falls into decline where it is installed there. But precisely this atmosphere is the refuge of the German who deserts, when he is tired of his gray and cold barracks. Down there, the sky is bluer, the sun is hotter, we can be happy there, rest, and forget ones duties. Down there, there is not this sour sweat of heavy labor that adheres to everything. We are not obligated to justify without cease our daily existence by work. Nature there is generous, it offers its gifts. There are rights that we can take without hesitation. There is an atmosphere of the active marketplace, full of color, charm, and surprises. There reigns the agreeable ambiance of salons, the spirit that inflames popular rallies – and not the rigid order of the military camp. All that promises an easy happiness, a joyous life, opens perspectives on a “more humane” existence”, in brief, every adage of the type “peace, liberty, and bread,” is in German conditions, an incitement to desertion, to rebellion against the militarism demanded by destiny. “Marxism”, and in general, every form of socialism based on humanism, even if it is called “National” Socialism or “German” socialism – are subversive tendencies that attack the combative substance of the Germans. They have an effect as heavy with consequence as that of the “spirit of the liberal economy.”

For the German people there is only one order that corresponds to its vocation, that is the martial order. Innumerable forces are at work wanting to prevent it from finding this order that is natural to it. The corporate spirit, the federalist tendency, the edification of socialism, the transformation of capitalism, the autonomous movements, the faith in a universalist mission, the “millennialism” of the Reich: all these currents are narcotics that we now administer to the German people, to make him forget that he is in the state of war, and to turn him, by inadequate occupations, from that which he must do, that is to say very simply to exercise, openly or clandestinely, the service of arms.


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