Germany in the State of War – Part 7 of 7

The German imagination is fertile material for programs. Misery is its fertilizer, despair the rain that nourishes it. Each day brings a new program of salvage. There are only programs of peace for “the greatest happiness of the greatest number” and that prescribe only looking at the German cloisters. Their harmonious content means that they try everything to veil the state of war in which the German people forcibly find themselves in and to prevent that which actively draws the consequences with a resolute courage despite all adversity.

Since 1918, Germany must only have a sole program: regulate the nation from the military point of view. At the present, each sphere of life must be militarized, it must be sent to the front. Now each domain must transform itself into a contribution of combat for the conservation of Germany. Thus the economy is neither a destiny, nor an end in itself, and it does not have more than its own laws. It is an “economy of war” at large. Its organization and its production must be planned in the fashion so that the German people can persevere until the end of combat, that its provision of goods, clothing, and technical means is sufficient. The individual will to enrich oneself is considered as looting, the need for comfort as an unpardonable act of indiscipline, and the free initiative of the leaders of the economy as an arbitrary act that hinders the collective plan of strategy. In the cadre of the state of emergency, that reigns today over Germany, the initiative of private entrepreneurs must be considered as a type of grand folly of someone who lives and acts beyond his means. When a man, fallen into misery, continues to spend freely, he becomes a “swindler.” Where in Germany, after 1918, the initiative of private enterprises had yet to be implement, it left a disagreeable aftertaste – Stinnes, Lahusen, Katzenellenbogen, Favag, are the names that continue to irritate the mouth – a type of scam. When, by the force of things, the economy is in a slump, only have the need of an intelligent manager. Between Germans, only the initiative of the soldier, always ingenious when he acts to fool the enemy, will be henceforth permitted. Even those who find themselves at the head of the economy must be soldiers whose freedom to act is limited by the strategic plan of the commanding officer. The international economic interpretation will become “fraternizing with the enemy.” The cares that we make for the subject of the unemployed workforce (nothing more tragically reveals the errors of the prewar German economy than the millions demanding work that are today in the marketplace) are more serious than those concerned with the rate of profit. Manifestly, the war against Germany is lead under the economic plan. Never before has the economy been at this point a political and military affair. Thus it will be necessary to submit it to a political-military commandment.

The state of war, in which Germany finds itself in today, supports as little “freedom of spirit” as the “freedom of the economy.” It is necessary to call and the spirit and economy will be put under the flag. The spirit in uniform must occupy its position beside the economy in uniform. For decades, the spirit rendered services of secret money to the West and against Germany. Its anarchism, that damages the security of the state, and its national degradation have been exposed in broad daylight. No one did it better than Thomas Mann in his Reflections of a Non-Political Man. Since then we know that the spirit is a connivance with France, it is necessary to take tight reign and submit it to martial law. For the reason of the conservation of Germany, it must be controlled. Equally, it must obey the order that it receives. It would be criminal to wait, in all confidence, for that to happen. Military science, in particular, is the section of the front where it will become capable of being helpful and accomplishing these feats.

The sole form of government that corresponds to the state of war in which we find Germany is dictatorship. To the liberal spirit, which opposes it, the only solution that ultimately remains is to obey orders from the French. Yet for dozens of years, Germany could only pretend it had constitutional rights other than the articles of martial law. It was necessary to habituate the German people, to inculcate them, to train them. Those, who for humanitarian or others reasons, want to thwart this project, are defeatists. It is necessary conduct its ends according to the principles of martial law. Germany is at war and could be for generations: in these conditions, the economy cannot pretend it is growing as the citizen cannot reclaim his freedom. The arts are silent and humanism is no longer valid. All life in its entirety must become a military mission and a sacrifice without end.


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