Hitler: A German Fate – 1932 – Preface

In general, it is not difficult to incite the German pharisees to manifest their nationalist excitation. In each assembly … it suffices to have a sonorous voice and a flowery phrase.” – Bismarck to Gruner, 1859

It is not an irresistible need to critique that lead me to write this essay. I maturely reflected before taking this decision. It is difficult to remain objective when so many others are drunk. It is painful to not be able to believe and hope like so many people who do not pose these questions. But how to discharge this responsibility when my own conscience requires an account? When we see dangers, while the others are blind, we do not have the right to keep mum. A good number between them will be hurt, but they could be consoled by the permanent drunkenness in which they live. They do not look in the face the menace that is hanging over the future of our people. Whatever anxiety is not released, must be spoken.


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