Hitler: A German Fate – Chapter 1 – The German Protest to Fascism – A Coil of Contradictions

The National Socialist movement has many meanings. It is ambiguous. Various currents, eruptions of sentiments, orientations and illusions reunite them like the bed of a river. It is this thing and, at the same time, it is another thing. It is polymorphous and full of antinomies. It contains almost as many contradictions as life itself. The voice of the blood is expressed by it, but also the thirst for social vengeance. The birth of the true nationalist sentiment provokes enthusiasm, but we abused it without shame with little personal vanities or calculated selfishness. The flame of a marvelous idealism is obscured by the smoke of a sickening corruption. The empty words cover, with an insupportable noise, an imperious need to act. The impression of a collected force is erased by eruptions of a repulsive brutality. A vile Latin complacency awakes doubts on the sincerity of the German protestation. The German will to freedom boldly breaks loose but later, it is insidiously betrayed by the petty craftiness of diplomacy. The good political instincts are silent before the liberal and bourgeois spirit that fear for their property.

Until the present, the National Socialist movement supported all these tensions because it had yet to orient itself towards a precise goal. Each of its elements could yet hope to dominate and leave their victorious imprint on the ensemble. No current had yet to feel provoked to the resistance and the necessity to affirm it. It seems that the decision to fix the limits and announce its color was not yet taken. The movement advances, but no one yet knows to what. All the ways remain open, no door is closed. Until the present, in the chaos of boiling oppositions, no precise form emerged, that could have opened the combat between the non organized forces and those that are structured. This indeterminacy of the program lends itself to all interpretations. We can find what we search for there. In good faith, this blurriness, that expresses nothing, is considered as a happy universality. This wave have an omnipotent effect giving access to a multitude of permitted possibilities.

As far as the National Socialist movement has various meanings, its functions are multiple. It is too vast to be able to deny its role in the organization of the nation. It could be the plowshare that splits the earth, as it could be the pain of childbirth, or the storm that clears the field and purifies the air, but it can equally be the hurricane that sweeps away cultures and villages, leaving nothing behind but ravages, rubble, and ruins.


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