Hitler: A German Fate – Chapter 3 – The Way to Powerlessness – Fate

National Socialism is not a beginning – it’s the end. It is the final note of the Wilhelmine epoch, that still resonates in it. Its spirit, its atmosphere shoots forth like a last burst of embers that are smothered. The Wilhelmine era is the sum of hallucinations in which this epoch of agony takes stock of its existence. When the sources of life dry up, mortal fever gives birth to a last dream of power.

One last time, the elements of the Wilhelmine epoch rally for an apparition of agitated phantoms. Byzantinism reawakes and, one more time, before a soft man, without character and without a line of conduct that, by Caesarist gestures, searches to hide how much is at stake from these events. A superficial optimism dances before a terrible abyss and does not realize what it is doing. The dilettante meddles with everything, ignorant of that which he destroys. We do not know what we want and, consequently, we fulfill gaps with tactics. By a general rule, when there are too many tactics, there is nothing deeper. We are parvenus, gentlemen playing. Everyone must know who we are. There is no longer a place for pessimists and critical spirits. Those who reflect have the authenticity of their patriotism put in doubt. We believe that drunkenness and love of country are the same thing. We consider a bad patriot as someone who tries to remain lucid and keep his feet on the ground. As soon as a political difficulty presents itself, the appeal for a concentration of armed forces to resolve it immediately. We have the power, we utilize it in a total waste. We proclaim a crowd of ideas, but we don’t have an idea. We have at our disposal a marvelous heritage, great energies, but that has only lead us further into the Forest of Compiègne.

This enormous expense finally leads to catastrophe. The Wilhelmine destiny repeats itself. Like the valiant Hohenzollern Empire which went to defeat by towing behind it the Catholic Habsburgs, the National Socialist movement of Germany, under Austrian-Latin conduct, is headed towards an irremediable impotence.

When the Hohenzollern Empire crumbled, the forces of the German will and self preservation, until then united under a political state form, dispersed to engulf themselves in a bubbling chaos. The world of Versailles, the Latin-Occidental world immediately detected there the home of a future disaster whose extent they could not predict. National Socialism bound, organized, and “channeled” the energies unleashed by this chaos. It forced them to turn against the East. A secret solidarity linked the Roman instincts of the Führer with the West, which quaked for its future. The obscure forces of Germany spread in this erroneous way. Already the day was announced where, in a sterile exultation, they were lost in smoke until the last leap. They thus remained a people, exhausted, without hope. Tired, they doubted the meaning of the entire new German resistance. But the order of Versailles will be stronger than ever.


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