Considerations on a Voyage to Russia – Part 8 of 9

Often we hear it said by Russians, in key positions, that in the long term, Moscow cannot remain the capital of the Soviet Union. The new capital should be found in the Ural region, either on the European side or the Asiatic side. We thus feel this will by ending traditions, beginning an entirely new point of view and, in particular, building a new Russia on the virgin soil of Siberia. They want to remove the weight of the past, to be new as once America was, this America that they want to surpass. There is a tendency to go towards the East, to leave the space saturated with history in order to penetrate into a space without history. In a certain manner, this tendency makes one think of the birth of Prussia on colonized territories and its relations with the old Empire.

Maybe a Slavic-Asiatic imperialism will manifest there, very consciously, that is prepared to wait for its coming hour. The technical-industrial development of the country is the most pressing order of mobilization. The urban form of life puts the entire people in this psychological state permitting them to undertake a most rapid mobilization, smoothly, and with the greatest effectiveness. It is possible that the urban form of life was actually the most sure means for a Slavic-Asiatic imperialism to achieve its ends.

From now, the worker puts a combative ardor into his work. Each factory becomes a unit of combat. To leave his place of work is as shameful as to desert. The personnel of the factories are animated by a bellicose spirit. Today, the weapon is yet to be established, tomorrow he might be better ready to take his gun. From a worker to a member of the red brigades, there is only one step. Nothing is easier than to transform these troops of workers into a revolutionary army which, in place of engaging itself in work, fights for its life. The urban form of life of the people can, overnight, can transform to the life of the barracks. The worker state, fit for the worker, can become a military state, apt for armed service. Russia is an enigma that no one can resolve. It is not said that the form, under which it presents itself today, is durable and definitive. It remains an element of the transformation of the world. It affirms itself under the forms of existence permitting it to rock the world in its depths, to change it and corrupt it from the inside.


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