Considerations on a Voyage to Russia – Part 9 of 9

Restoration is impossible in Russia. There is no longer any ruling class that they could restore. Russia has nothing to fear from the reaction to which Germany is victim. Its choice is simple: either it perseveres and it has sufficient force to follow in the years of construction, full of privation, or it will crumble and become prey to its capitalist rivals. Certainly, it will follow Germany in its fall. Without the possibility of finding a support in Russia. Germany will no longer escape from the fate of being integrated into the greater French empire.

The Russian will to life is very strong. It manifests itself in the politicization of the entire population – starting from the nursery – in the uniformity of a lifestyle, in the optimism, and the exaggerated faith in progress and in the force supporting the tensions between reality and ideas that they make into objectives to wait for. With vigorous moral principles giving their particular color to all the manifestations of public life. They feel that the country is conscious of its historical mission of bearing the world. When, in coming to Russia, we cross the German border, we sadly realize that Germany is certainly more prosperous, more proper, and healthier, but it is all the same a nation that does not have a mission in the world and a moral conception.


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