Class Struggle – Part 2 of 4

Marxism affirms that the class struggle is the motive force of history. History “is nothing other than class struggle.” It is the greatest enterprise of world history to quicken the class consciousness of the lower classes and impregnate them with the fanatical will of this struggle. His interpretation of history is a means of encouraging the will to class struggle. He explains history as he wants to make it.

For seventy years, we taught the German worker class consciousness, we trained him in the class struggle. Nowhere else, have we put such zeal into cultivating class consciousness in the working class, inculcating it in the class struggle. And despite all, until this day, the German worker does not dare to engage in the revolution of the proletarian class. 1918 was only an collapse. But the politics of coalitions, that followed, was not class struggle; it was full of servile complacency regarding bourgeois society. Not only the kicks, to which we respond today in the shameful fashion of the self disowning German worker, prove it, but there are others. In Germany the idea of proletarian class struggle could not, until the present, develop in a manner to influence the course of history.


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