A Missed Destiny – Part 4 of 9

With the victory of Hitler, a Fascist European bloc was born that without its constitution, would need a formal and particular alliance treaty. The consensus on ideological orientation, the similarity in the social and political conception of the regime, the common enemy in foreign politics were factors in its cohesion. Before the Fascist Grand Council, Mussolini had declared: “The Fascist movement that developed beyond the Italian frontiers is the manifestation of a spirit directly and indirectly receiving its principles and its entire content of doctrines and institutions from those that Italy had used to create the modern state.” The same spiritual atmosphere reigns today in this regime that extends from the Rome of Mussolini to Tilsit. The medieval empire was resurrected under the form of new spiritual existence. But certainly, it is governed by Rome, as Mussolini had known with such pride in the entire world. Rome is this sacred bond that raises the passions of Germany and Fascist Italy and attracts the views, the hearts.

The conception of foreign policy of Fascist Germany never lacked grandeur and coherence: a space, going from the North Sea and the Baltic to the Southern point of Sicily, reunited to impose limits on the French will to power. This solicits the appeal of the British empire that, by reason of its own vital needs, feels the necessity of reigning in the French will to power by opposing it with a counterweight. Paris could never count too much on its allies in the East. Czechoslovakia had an important German minority, Yugoslavia a strong Croat minority. In the case of war, these Germans and this Croats could be mobilized against these states that oppressed them for ten years.

France is conscious of its situation and the tendencies that manifest there. Despite its nervousness, it takes, with circumspection, countermeasures. It can be sure of appealing to Poland. Given the Russian-Polish non-aggression pact, Poland is entirely free in its movements regarding Germany. The benevolent neutrality of Russia, on which France can count, binds England to Asia. Romania holds Hungary in check. By all means, Frances has tried to integrate Austria into the system. The “black and yellow” legitimists and social-democrats shows complacency. Austria is expected to become an extension of the Little Entente. The Tyrol and Vorarlberg should cut the link between Germany and Italy.

Given that France always guards its incontestable military superiority, it thinks, in the case of war, it can immediately invade Southern Germany and establish a link with Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. Also, it probably feels strong enough not the fear the least resistance if it suddenly occupies the industrial region of Germany.

Thus, the revisionist and anti-revisionist fronts find themselves face to face, full of contempt and no one can predict their reactions.


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