A Missed Destiny – Part 6 of 9

The antagonism between the Fascist bloc and France is an inter-European affair: two systems of the bourgeois state struggle for supremacy. But despite this antagonism, there are certain things that remain common to the Fascist bloc and France. It is this homogeneity of the bourgeois conception of life, the habits of bourgeois institutions, and the unshakable attachment to the traditions of the West, to its rules and its culture. If the fundamental values of the community of European life were put in question, the antagonism between the Fascist bloc and France would attenuate and enemies in the tactical scheme would become allies in principle.

Bolshevik Russia and the growth of communism in the European space embody anti-European vital forces. The central position of Germany opens the prospect of a Russo-Germanic alliance. Slavic Poland could complicate the realization of such an alliance but not prevent it. It plays the same role that Germanic Tyrol and Vorarlberg have played in the constitution of the Fascist bloc. These are barriers that we can reverse. But a Russo-Germanic alliance would signify that Germany has forsaken Europe. This new bloc would would possess borders from Asia to the Vosges and Alps. All bourgeois and Western society feels solidarity and shudders before this prospect. To think of such an ensemble seems frivolous or even suicidal and criminal to them. In the Fascist bloc a fierce will reunites to defend Europe – will that comes from its nature – and the resolution, nourished by a ferocious passion, to break the supremacy of France. The sole idea of a Russo-Germanic alliance is in contradiction with these two objectives. This idea negates the right of life of Europe and deprives, at the same time, the Fascist bloc of its freedom of action, that is to say to enter into conflict with France. To safeguard the West, the Fascist countries must resign themselves to French hegemony. That is why Fascism has no indulgence for communism. The latter upsets the subtle game by which Fascism seeks to obtain domination of Europe – against France – without causing its collapse. Only he who is ready to assume the responsibility for its existence and its destiny can rule Europe. But when the existence of this same Europe is threatened in its bases, no Westerner can believe in a conflict with France. He knows that Europe – given its interior division – cannot survive such a conflict and would then become the victim of “Asiatic attack.”

Fascism realizes that its historical mission is openly put in question by communism. It follows a merciless war between the two movements: to be or not to be! No compromise is possible. It is necessary to fight to the end for the cause. The victory of one will necessarily seal the disappearance of the other.


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