Europe-State and Europe-Nation Will Be Against the USA – Jean Thiriart

The European construction born in the Treaty of Rome (March 25th 1957) should lead to the Europe-State. It’s a valuable construction, indispensable and we should not condemn its technical character in the name of a certain sentimentalism. The Europe of the Common Market is a good thing. But it is very limited in its ambitions. It aims to put in place statist structures. That’s both too much and too little. Europe will only be achieved when it is both State and Nation, that is to say structures and consciousness.

We are historically the first, the only, to have expressed the will to realize it. Our communitarian current is the source from where, for the first time, the concept of European nationalism arose. It is essentially different, it is in fact diametrically opposed to those concepts of hegemonic Europe (the French Europe of Bonaparte or De Gaulle and the German Europe of Hitler) and to that of the Europe of fatherlands. The difference between the Europe-State and the Europe-Nation is that which exists between the inorganic and organic, between matter and life, between chemistry and biology, between the atom and the cell.

The Treason of Regimists

All the Western European governments came from Anglo-Saxon baggage trains in 1945. They are the collaborators of the occupiers, directly or by degree. Since then the European political constructions of the regimists have been mortgaged by our occupants. The proof of this mortgage, this treason of intention, figures everywhere, but in a formal and glaring fashion in an official document of the “European Parliament” (sic): “The European Union’s mission is to promote the unity of Europe.

Very well, perfect. But a bit further we read:

The adoption of a common defense policy, in the framework of the Atlantic Alliance, contributing to the reinforcement of the Atlantic Alliance.

Thus the confession is there, on full display, very explicit. The confession that this “Europe” is only an appendix of American imperialism, as the Atlantic alliance is the American shark circling the European regimist mackerel. Official Europe cannot be as it is entangled in a formal contradiction, to make a nation that from the start avows its dependence on another. Folly, tartufferie.

Europe Must Be Against the Americans

A nation in particular defines itself through its difference from others, in its style, in its intentions, in its interests. Those who claim Europe and who simultaneously find in the United States the perfect model of society, the only model there is to copy, and who hold that each American war is also ours, are in contradiction with themselves. Why claim Europe if the USA is perfect? That they expand the USA, that would be more logical. The clique of “Europeans” who say their bedtime prayers towards Washington each night would do better to propose England as the 51st American state, Germany as the 52nd, Italy as the 53rd. As that’s the reality.

There is an absolute, formal, conceptual contradiction between the fact of being European and the fact of being pro-American. He who call himself pro-American expels himself from Europe, whether he is Social-Democratic or some ninny of the extreme right.

He who collaborates with the Americans is a traitor to Europe.

Europe Without Risks: Idiocy

Sometimes well intentioned intellectual naifs hope to make a Europe by peaceful, reasoned means. It’s a dream. History makes itself in convulsions, in combat, in effort and sacrifice. A nation, in particular, creates itself against something else, against enemies. Not only are the United States historically enemies of the awakening Europe, in the objective scheme but they must be in the psychological scheme. A nation needs enemies to make itself, to maintain itself. Living in the face of enemies creates unity, creates moral health, maintains the vigor of character. For us it is not a question of asking for Europe but taking Europe. Objectively, never has any hegemonic state (like the United States at the moment regarding Europe) given independence to its vassals, but quite on the contrary, they had to take their independence. Italy did it against both the Austrians and the French. Europe will do it against the Americans. A nation forges itself in combat and seals itself in blood. The risks are great but they must be taken. Life is a permanent risk. The risk must be intended, calculated.

A Europe without risks is a demented chimera by all historical experience.

The Shield and the Schedule

The big specious argument of the shameful philo-Americans is that of the “American shield.”

What is this shield?

Bled out in 1945, convalescent in 1955, Europe is today, in the industrial and economic scheme, full of force and health. American protection – against the Stalinist assault – was indispensable in 1948, useful in 1951 (in the spirit of the age). Today it is no longer the same. In factories, in money, in men Western Europe alone no longer needs the Americans. Thus they leave. No gratitude should bind us to them. They came to Europe for their own interests and not for ours. In 1949 we could be philo-American by hypocrisy and self-interest. No longer today.

Western Europe along is powerful enough to very easily develop a military force capable of foiling any potential adversary. The key is to want it, this military force, so to desire the political unity of Europe. Those who claim we cannot do without the Americans do nothing for us.

The “American shield” it’s the alibi of cowards, it’s the alibi of the lazy, it’s the alibi of the powerless.

The American construction is as follows: they say, reluctantly, that they will leave Europe when we are strong enough to defend ourselves alone, (they say it but they do not think it) and at the same time they do everything so that we alone will never be strong enough. That is the key of this shameful lie.

The United States doesn’t want to sell us atomic weapons or entrust them in the framework of NATO. NATO is thus a scam (the shark and the mackerels – see above) because one finds there allies of the first rank (the USA) and allies of the second rank (the little European countries), the first have the right to the bomb, the second do not have the right.

The Americans are sufficiently realistic to know that the end of their military occupation in Europe would be followed, six months later, by the end of their political suzerainty. Since then the Americans cannot sincerely envision their departure.

The Americans, deservedly, do not have confidence in a free Europe-USA association on the basis of equality. They know well that strong, independent Europe will NOT be an ally of the USA.

Since then Americans will do everything to always remain militarily indispensable in Europe. The thesis of the pro-American collaborators according to which we cannot do without the Americans is hypocritical, actually they would do better to confess that they do not want to do without the Americans. The argument of the “American shield” would only be valuable on two formal conditions:
Neither of two points is respected, nor will they be. I will even go further than this prudent plan. I will even say that it is desirable that the American troops decamp even before the schedule would be established. When Europe fears them it will pull itself together. Today Europe lazily cowers under the shelter of the “American shield.” To accelerate the development of the consciousness of Europe it must deliberately seek danger. It’s the need, it’s the emergency, it’s the imminence that will reawaken Europe. It must accept and seek the risks of a hasty reawakening. In order to cement this Europe, it must partially be put in danger. This did not escape the leaders of France in 1792 …

They did not create a nation with speeches, with pious vows and banquets. They created a nation with rifles, with martyrs, with shared dangers. In fact the philo-Americans are cowards, people who do not want to fight when necessary. The accept the humiliation of American occupation in order to avoid having to fight. It’s the same state of spirit that the French bourgeoisie had under German occupation in 1942. They believed themselves very clever saying: “The Germans die on the Russian front to protect our safe deposit boxes.” They believed themselves very clever but they did not see themselves as very cowardly. Thus a tradition was not lost. The same ignoble bourgeoisie that protected itself with the “German shield” in 1942 accepts today, with complaisance, the protection of the “American shield.” From the moment their dividends are protected they are content. But if these people have the physical fear of American departure, because then, they need to do it themselves; we are not afraid. That is the gulf that separates us from the clique of philo-Yankee collaborators.

Garibaldian Solutions

Italian unity was accomplished by the aid of different factors: the idealism and magnificent prescience of Mazzini, the epic activist Garibaldi, the calculations of Cavour. It’s an unbreakable ensemble. In the purely military scheme Garibaldian action was insignificant. In the historical scheme it was capital, determinant. It was thanks to Garibaldi that blood was shed. And when blood was shed a trench was dug between the occupier and the occupied. The trench that obligates everyone to clearly take a side for or against the occupier. After the first deaths there was no longer any place for “yes but,” “maybe.”

The phenomenon was verified in Algeria between 1954 and 1962. In 1954 numerous Algerians could still defend with justice the thesis of French occupation as “lesser evil.” In 1960 no Algerian could do it any longer. The trench had been drawn by the dead. That it had been done artificially, deliberately, changes nothing.

During the German occupation the Communists did it. They killed quite innocent German soldiers, with a bullet in the back. The occupying authorities fell into the trap: they shot completely innocent French. The machine was then put into motion; the unstoppable had begun. That would only end with the total destruction of one or the other. One could wait in 1940, no longer in January 1945.

When Garibaldi had his first hundred deaths in his ranks of irregular soldiers, Italy began to feel obligated to finished the business with cannon. That’s what it did.

Europe must also turn against its occupiers. If the shakedown is well done it will be without too much bloodshed or violence. But it is likely that the shakedown of our occupiers will be terribly reinforced by “Garibaldian actions” from the start.

With a very patriotic political duplicity, like that of Garibaldi or Cavour, we will expel the occupiers. Thus, a European revolutionary must consider an eventual insurrectionist armed struggle against the American occupier as a working hypothesis. He who fears this hypothesis is not a revolutionary. He is not a European nationalist. When we demand the ends, we demand the means. When demanding Europe, we demand the means to make it.

We Must Make Europe Ourselves

The regimist Europe fails in the construction of Europe, whether in the fact of petty nationalist afterthoughts or in the fact of being tied to the American paw. The Europe of the Treaty of Rome will not be achieved by itself. We must make Europe, do it ourselves. The thing becomes evident today: Europe is a pretext of politicians to assert themselves. Each one learned what he could draw from Europe, publicity for himself or selfish economic benefits for his country. By numerical tricks, hypocritical lies, official Europe is now at an impasse. It is there because its promoters do not have the will to make it. At best, some have the vague and pious wish.

So we must make Europe ourselves. Make it with a great HISTORICAL PARTY, with a great NATIONAL-EUROPEAN PATRIOTIC PARTY. It must act directly on events, eliminate from the political scene anti-European rulers, and prick the rears of the hesitant with bayonets. More than ever I am convinced that Europe will be made by a PARTY that is obligated to make Europe, by a PARTY that gives a self-awareness to Europe, by a party prepared for ideological or passionate tasks, legal or illegal, dialectical or violent. Yesterday it took NEO-DESTOUR to make Tunisia, ISTIQLAL to make Morocco, the FLN to make Algeria just as a century ago it took the Risorgimento to make Italy.

To deliver Europe there must be a party. We will prepare it!